The best of people?

The recent tragic death of British aid worker Linda Norgrove in Afghanistan has really shown how unsustainable this conflict has become. How many more innocent lives must we lose before both sides realize that his war isn’t working. The Taliban’s insurgency is still surviving even after all of these years and now they are resorting to even crueler methods of violence in an attempt to prolong their survival.

The bombing of mosques, murder of aid workers, attacking pro Palestinian rallies in pakistan and other cruel and senseless attacks in recent months show desperation and fragmentation within the Taliban. Few Afghans would prefer the Taliban back in power, a return to rule by the rifle, ethnic massacres (of the Hazara and others), public executions and ‘religious’ police watching always. The Taliban should realize that the Afghan people do not support them and that negotiations are the best option now, thats the only way this long deadly war can finally be ended.

They say that actions speak louder than words and judging by their actions the Taliban don’t seem as religious or Islamic as they claim to be. The majority of them are illiterate and uneducated with no understanding of Islam or the wider world. They do no represent Islam or the vast majority of muslims.

Shaheed (Martyr)

Martyred Mujahedeen live forever
Terrible Taliban aren't so clever

Mighty Moscow made Mujahedeen militia
Cruel communists concocted criminal conflicts

Jihadi jargon jumped justifiably
Furious freedom fighters flocked fearlessly

After the age of war there came victory
Yet the rule of the Mujahedeen was concise contradictory

Absolutist authoritarian abominations, all cower
For Terrible Taliban tricksters pillaged power

A dawn of terror then ensued
For Terrible Taliban are so crude

Wincing women whipped viciously
Terrible Taliban governed suspiciously

Anarchist Al Qaeeda entered Afghanistan
Terrible Taliban aided their master plan

As the mighty towers of America fell
Terrible Taliban said farewell

Colossal coalition contributors conquered cunningly
Terrible Taliban carefully concealed formidably

From Kabul to Kandahar, barbaric bombers bathe in blood
For Terrible Taliban do NO good

Many countless children they have slain
Terrible Taliban you fight in vain

Swat, Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi, terrorist terminators trickle through
Oh Terrible Taliban what did we do>

Through war and death the heroin poppy has remained
For Terrible Taliban this was money righteously gained

A twisted faith and evil schemes
Terrible Taliban such dark dreams

From public beatings to the cloth prison
Terrible Taliban a new has risen

They claim to fight in the name of our Ummah
Yet they kill our people on the holy Jummah

How many of our brothers and sisters have they killed?
How much Muslim blood have they spilled?

We unite to warn, you shall burn
For Terrible Taliban you never learn

Not in our name do we all say
For that shall be known on the last day.



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