2 Down Many More Left...

The revolution has spread from Tunisia to Egypt now it is growing in Bahrain, Yemen and more recently Libya. Libyan leader Maummar Al Gadaffi who has been in power for 40 years has cracked down on protesters in the eastern city of Benghazi with dozens reported dead. The dictator is known for his authoritarian leadership style, under his leadership political parties were banned in 1972, trade unions are banned and striking by workers is illegal. Most of the media is state controlled any any independent media is also heavily censored by the government. 

Many believe Gadaffi will use Libya's huge oil revenue appease protesters something which sets the Libyan situation apart from the revolutions in neighbouring Egypt and Tunisia. Also on the streets in large forces were pro government demonstrators who were showing their support for Gadaffi and it was these pictures that were being shown on state TV. The country's powerful revolutionary committees promised a "sharp and violent" response to those who dared to cross the regime's "red lines". 

It seems things will get much worse in Libya and Bahrian (where the royal family has ordered the army to turn on the people) before they get any better. Maybe in 6 months time we will see a new middle east where democracy can prosper, human rights are respected and people are not forced to live in poverty.


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