Ubuntu + Launchpad = Win

Launchpad is a Web application and website that allows users to develop and maintain software, particularly free software. Launchpad is developed and maintained by Canonical Ltd.

Launchpad hosts tens of thousands of software projects that are written for Ubuntu/Linux, hundreds of great applications can be found on Launchpad like Postler, Docky, Do, Cardapio, Steadyflow and Inkscape.

The way Ubuntu users can access these very popular applications is either through (usually in the form of tar.gz files) or through a Personal Package Archive (PPA) usually using a terminal or other terminal based services such as Bazaar. There is no easy way for Ubuntu users to install all this brilliant software, no single GUI to find, install and update the software from.

It seems like Canonical are not making the most of Launchpad, they own it (Launchpad) and develop Ubuntu and more specifically the Ubuntu Software Centre wouldn't it be a good idea to integrate Launchpad into the Ubuntu Software Centre. Allowing users to easily access tens of thousands of software projects directly from the software centre and install the latest version of software using Launchpad PPAs from the software centre.

This would mean that Ubuntu users can have the latest version of Openshot, Docky, Zeitgeist and much much more directly from the software centre. It also means that instead of going onto the Launchpad site and hoping your favourite project has a .deb file for download instead of the usual tar.gz that litter the place or browsing through hundreds of blog posts looking for a particular PPA, you can search the software centre and click a single button to install.

This really puts the user first and makes finding, installing and updating software so much easier than before and more easier than any other Linux based operating system. I really hope that this feature is added to the Ubuntu Software Centre by version 12.04 LTS. W'salaam ~ Peace
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