The Baath Party, Syria and Democracy.

The Baath party is an Arab nationalist party that has dominated politics in Iraq and Syria for decades. The Baath party seized power both in Iraq and Syria in 1963. In Iraq the Baath party was disbanded in 2003 with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, in Syria it survives through the Assad regime.With the mass dissent occurring in Syria, its a major indicator of the decline of the Baath Party.

Born in the hope of creating a single socialist Arab nation and promoting what is commonly known as 'Pan-Arabism', it has produced generations of 'socialist' dictators and some of the most corrupt and cruel governments. 

It seems when the inevitable finally occurs and the despot Assad is swept away a new area in the Middle East will actually begin, for over half a century this party has had an iron grip on all political power. This could totally change within the next few months and the legacy of the last half a century can be blown away in the winds of change that are following the Arab Spring. 

The regimes way of handling its people
The brutality and desperation of the Assad regime is becoming more apparent everyday, it is estimated more than 12,000 people have fled to neighboring countries in order to escape the soldiers that this dictator has sent after his own people. Then the regimes inner circle have the audacity to lie to the entire nation on television claiming it was security officers that were actually being killed and that Al Qaeda was responsible for the bloodshed, these are the same excuses Gaddafi used and now he is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC). The president promises reforms and an amnesty and even as these lies pass over his tongue women and children are being killed at the borders as they try and flee into other countries. 

Rule by divine right was something that the monarchs of Europe believed in, they believed this put them above the law and gave them the freedom to do what ever they liked, it seems like the rulers of Arabia hold similar views. When it suits them they wear the religious outfit and when it suits them they attack mosques, kill women and children. This hypocrisy has become so widespread so much so its hard to know who to believe anymore, people say whatever they need to say to get what they want. 

The people of the Arab world deserve better but one of the signs of the last day is that the worst of the peoples will become the leaders of men. It seems as if we are living in an age of great fitna and the trials are getting greater all of the time, may God have mercy upon us. W'salaam ~ Peace


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