Israeli Puppets

First Facebook now Apple bow to pressure from the Israeli government. An application on the App store called the third intifada was removed by Apple recently. This happened after an Israeli government official wrote to Apple CEO Steve Jobs complaining about the app. The app itself only provides links to news stories and dates of planned protests yet somehow this was seen as promoting violence leading to the app being removed. A similar incident occurred on Facebook when a page called the 3rd intifada which attracted over 330,000 fans was removed by Facebook after Israeli officials disapproved. How can Israel justify the claims that these apps/pages encourage violence when itself killed more than 1400 Gazan civilians and over 1000 Lebanese civilians in ‘self defence’. The hypocrisy of the Israeli state is mind blowing, on one hand protests in Iran are welcomed but protesters in the West Bank and the Golan Heights are shot at. None of us want violence but the oppressed people of Palestine have every right to protest as the oppressed people of Iran, Syria and other parts of the Arab world.


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