Morals without Faith

I was going to title this piece morals without religion but it occured to me that one can have faith without religion and religion without faith. That is the point I'm attempting to make, unfortunately 'religion' continues to thrive but faith in the divine falters. When you see the modern obsession with pop idols such as Justin Bieber, Cheryl Cole, Wayne Rooney and others has this not just become a religion also? They say that religion is used to blind the masses, to give them hope of a better life as they suffer under the tyranny their leaders subject them to. Though I do not believe that true of my religion it is certianly true some leaders use religion in this way and thats the case with this modern kind of religion. Who is the founder of this new religion? Well its the multinational corporations that own everything and the propogators of this religion are the TV's and iPads and Cinema's. This is the weapon being used by the few to control the many, this religion doesn't promise something better in the next life, people are tired of hearing that, no this religion promises everything in this life. If you work hard and follow the rules, you can become like so and so if you work hard, practice everyday and win the X factor, you can be rich like so and so if you work hard and invent something to show on Dragons Den.
We have advanced so much for God's sake we've conquered the fucking moon but we can't prevent the deaths of hundreds of children that occur everyday. Surely that isn't real advancment is it? This brings me back to my point, can we have morals without faith? It seems not, if we are willing to spend several millions on shuttles to the Moon or probes to Mars yet allow children on Earth to starve to death or die from Malaria in their hundreds everyday we as a whole cannot claim to be moral. Countless young, nameless faces being comsumed by the earth in the graves they are buried within yet we blindly continue in our quest for exterestrial life or water on Mars, as if we haven't got enough problems without aliens. 

In the godless society we live in (in the west), without a doubt in some areas we are more moral than ever before e.g. freedom of speech and human rights but we still see rape, paedophillia, and distaseful sexual deviancy everywhere. You turn on the TV and all you can see both in TV programs and adverts are semi naked women, religion was the great enemey of the feminist movement of the past but it seems that postion has shifted to the TV screen and for good reason. Women are exploited on TV and are used to sell poison to the masses that are blinded by the mass media. We see 50 - 60 year old men sleeping with teenagers, we see young men grooming and luring girls into prostitution, we see vicious murders and vile sexual practices and many of the things happen in the open, we can only wonder what occurs behind closed doors in our godless society. What morality is left? Human rights even they are being compromised with Guantanimo Bay, Abu Guraib and Baghram. What about freedom of speech? Well have we forgotten about Bradley Manning already? 

Without faith we have allowed men to have absolute power over us rather than the divine, we have allowed the few to enslave the many. Faith is not just that the Quran says this or the Bible says that, no that is religion. Faith is knowing you are accountable, it is knowing that you will be ripped from your grave and have to answer for your every deed. It is this faith that stops the finger before the trigger is pulled, that stays the hand before the bomb is dropped, that causes the theif to hesitate before he makes his move or the husband pause before his fist hits his wife. If we truely believe we shall stand before God and our lives will be judged by him then we would live completely differently, oppression, terror and hate would all become extinct but as always we make excuses, our imperfection is evidence for our need and dependence on religion. It offers us an ideal to strive towards, when Jesus (as) says in the Bible turn the other cheek how many can actually, willingly do that? Its an ideal, when the prophet Muhammad (saw) says wish for others what you desire for yourself how many of us can truely say we do this? Very few I dare to say, again its an ideal, something to strive towards. 

Without ideals we lose our morals whenever the situation demands that of us, this is what is happening in our godless society. The only ideal that remains is the capitalist ideal of wealth, in truth the largest religion in the west is the religion of gold i.e. capitalism. This is what people strive towards not peace with one's creator or oneself but rather having a million dollars and the biggest house, the fastest car and the most beautiful spouse. This is the ideal we strive and sacrifice for, we kill for it, we steal, lie and harm others for it. We disregard the little faith that remains within us for it and this is why our society is immoral, we have but one ideal remaining and it is the cause of all of our immorality because our one remaing ideal is a sin in disguise, it is greed. The prophet Muhammad said if the son of Adam had one mountain of gold he would only want a second, bear that in mind. w'Salaam ~ Peace.


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