52 Weeks and 39 Vidoes later...

Its been 1 Year 1 Month and 2 Days since I began this YouTube project of uploading the entire Quran with English audio translation. So far 39 surahs down and 75 more to go. The last upload was Surah Al Qiyama which was uploaded just over 2 weeks ago.

This entire project began because of a CD that a local masjid was distributing, the CD was of Quranic recitation by Sheikh Abdur Rahman As Sudais and Sheikh Su'ud Ash Shuraim with English audio translation.
This made me think isn't this a better way for us to listen to the Quran instead of the audio being entirely Arabic and then English subtitles as well as images/video accompanying the recitation like the majority of Quranic videos on YouTube are.

If the recitation is accompanied by an audio translation this allows the viewer to listen and watch simultaneously instead of having to listen, read and watch all at the same time as is required when viewing traditional videos. If images and videos related to the topics being raised in the Quranic recitation are combined with the audio then this should make the entire experience both more enjoyable and more beneficial Inshallah. 

I began by using the recitation straight form the CD and used the iMovie application that came free with the laptop I had purchased weeks before starting the project to begin making the videos. Over time I've improved the quality and content of the videos. For the last 4 months I have been using recitation by Sheikh Mishary Rashid al Afasy firstly because the audio translation is done by a native English speaker so its easier to understand and secondly because I prefer Sheikh Mishary's recitation. Also since January all but two of the videos have been produced using free and open source software on the Ubuntu operating system because a reliance on propriety software controlled by greedy corporations isn't something I'd recommend. 

The slow down in the number of videos being uploaded over the last few months is as a result of a few unrelated issues namely the length of the surahs increasing as we progress through the Quran and my own educational commitments increasing recently.

I sincerely hope that my videos have been of benefit to people and I intend with a pure intention to complete the project i.e upload the entire Quran with English audio translation within the next year Inshallah. I wish peace upon you all ~ W'salaamu Alykum


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