Ubuntu Unity - the future of the free desktop?

It was recently announced at the UDS (Ubuntu Developers Summit) that the next version of the Ubuntu Operating System (the most popular free operating system in the world) would ship with the Unity interface by default.

The Unity interface has been developed for the last six months initially as an interface for the netbook but because of the enormous amount of work that went into designing and creating Unity and because of how much progress Unity has made in only six months it will now be modified to work on the desktop as well as the netbook.

The Unity interface is far more attractive than the default Gnome desktop that usually comes with Ubuntu and its simpler to use so if polished and improved adequately the next version of Ubuntu should the best so far.

What is unity and how does it work? Well I installed it on my laptop today after KDE failed me one time too many. I have to say even with it rough edges I am very impressed with Unity and am eagerly waiting for the next iteration of Unity specifically designed for the desktop in Ubuntu 11.04 'Natty Narwhal'.

Ubuntu being the worlds most popular free OS this could really mean a bright and prosperous future for the free desktop and free software in general and giving people an alternative to propriety platforms. For more information on unity visit

This is a screen cast of Unity that I recorded showing how its working at the moment on the Ubuntu Netbook Edition, excuse the flickering its unavoidable and only occurs when recording the desktop (remember Unity is only 6 months old and can only get better from here)


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