Widgets for Unity

One thing that the Gnome desktop (and derivatives based upon it) are missing in comparison to other desktop interfaces e.g KDE, Mac OS X and Windows is native widgets. This is something that I think Unity can address by including widgets by default in a style similar to the screen that appears when clicking on the Ubuntu icon in Unity.

Adding this kind of feature will make Unity more attractive to users and will mean people won't have to resort to instaling half-baked applications in order to use widgets on their desktop. Over the next 6 months the Unity interface is going to receive a lot of work to make it suitable for both desktop and netbook and I hope that this feature can be integrated into Unity at some point. Click here to see the DeviantART page. I myself don't program so if anyone is able to do this kind of thing let me know in the comments or by email.


dave said...

Personally I like your design. Very simple, straightforward and clean.


Faith through Art said...

thx a lot first mockup and you've got to start somewhere lol ~ musl1m

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