Moderation in Islam

The recent rise of what is being called 'militant Islam' and the radical new interpretations of Islam that are popping up in the muslim world and being supported by various groups are really troubling issues for muslims living in the west. The people that support these extreme ideologies envision some kind of Global Jihad and believe that Islam was spread by the sword (a complete lie) and also believe that its their duty to spread it by sword.

They claim that being a moderate muslim is a western invention, a bidda (innovation in the religion) and that their interpretation of Islam is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. They accuse any who do not agree with their interpretations to be misguided and any scholars that attempt to prove them wrong are dismissed as deviants or in some cases actually murdered like the recent murder of Dr Farooq Khan. Links below:

The majority of these people have a very narrow view of Islam and a very limited education, if one studies Islam as a whole and not just focuses on one or two aspects of the religion they will find it is a religion that seeks peace, values peace and tries to maintain peace wherever possible. 

Yesterday after Jumma prayer at a local masjid a newsletter was being handed out by the UK Islamic Mission (UKIM), in this newsletter I found an interesting Hadith which I think should be shared: 

On the authority of Abu Huraryrah (ra) who said. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said "Truly the religion is ease. Anyone who tries to outdo the religion in strictness, it will overcome him. So remain steadfast and be MODERATE, and seek help with journeys (to Allah) of the morning and evening and a part of the night" Bukhari (Mishkaht Book of prayer Hadith no 1246)

This is the commentary that came with the Hadith - 

Just as a traveller does not travel continuously, but rather proceeds during mild and cool times, using the remainder of the time to rest himself and his mount thus should be the traveller on the path of Islam. Taking upon oneself more difficulty then one can bear and emphasising voluntary actions in a way opposed to the Sunnah are all deeds that open the door to extremism and excessiveness.

This message seems more and more relevant in todays world, even as I write this news of another terrorist plot to attack US civilians is making headlines. As others have said before me war is not in the interest of Islam, Islam spreads the most in times of peace. I wish peace upon you all ~ W'salaam 


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