The Drums of War

War Drum: a drum beaten as a summons or an accompaniment to battle. 

Since 9/11 and onwards the western media has been on the war path, trying to convince people in the west that war is the only course forward. They have been attempting to justify the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and some could argue that because of their lack of questioning and investigation the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan went ahead with little real resistance.

A documentary called 'The War You Don't See' on ITV a British TV channel exposes the lies the media told in order to sell these wars to the western public. The documentary includes interviews from ex-government officials, current US government officials, ex UN officials, many ex-journalists from the mainstream media, independent journalists and the founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange. It shows that much of the worst atrocities are never reported, the number of dead are always pushed down and the most bloody operations are never mentioned. Clips such as the near destruction of Fallujah in Iraq, to the remains of Hiroshima and the bombing of Al-Jazeera offices in Kabul and Baghdad are never broadcast.
The ignorance that many people in the west suffer from especially regarding western foreign policy and the wars that Nato and US are involved in is probably the result of the false reporting and fictional stories being aired by Fox News, BBC, CNN, MSNBC and the others. The murder of innocent women and children at the hands of 'liberators' is kept quiet and those that try to expose it such as Wikileaks are attacked left right and centre by the 'most free media in the world'.

The film also explores the affect the Israeli propagation machine has on western media and how journalists are afraid of mentioning Israel in a negative light out of fear of being punished by their bosses at the request of Israeli officials. It sheds light on the media's coverage of the Israeli attack on the Turkish aid flotilla and explains why Israel is never challenged by western media even after the war on Lebanon and the massacre of Gaza that left so many innocent dead.

The documentary truly highlights how inaccurate the mainstream media has become and how many of our opinions and points of view are based on lies or half truths. The Documentary is an hour 37 minutes long and will remain online for 21 more days (todays date is 23/12/10). Its well worth a watch and is an eye opener. 

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