Democracy and the Dictator

After weeks of demonstrations by millions all over the country and the deaths of hundereds the Egyptian Dictator Hosni Mubarak has finally resigned. After refusing to resign on state telivision just last night the dictator realised that his people would no longer accept 'NO' for an answer. Mubarak today left Cairo for his home by the Red Sea and it was later announced by his reccently appointed vice-president Omar Sulieman that the President has stepped down.

The protests in Egypt were inspired by similar peaceful protest in Tunisia which removed Zine El Abidine Ben Ali the Tunisian dictator who ruled the country for 23 years. Mubarak who is a key US and Israeli ally in the middle east has twice refused to step down during the protests, he has attempted to buy time until his term finished in September. It seemed that the people of Egypt were no longer willing to compromise and his minor consetions were not able to prevent his over due departure.

It is thought that hundereds of protestors have been killed during this revolution mostly by the secret police and pro Mubarak protesters with many believing the two to be the same. It is the brave people who crowded Tahrir Sqaure in Cairo day in day out (with many living in tents in sqaure to make sure that they wouldn't be prevented from protesting the next day who bought about this victory without the use of violence. This shows that democracy in the middle east is not achieved through bombing and invasion like Iraq but by empowering the people, giving them a cause and a banner to unite under and allowing them to peacefully protest.

First Tunisia then Egypt where next? Maybe the Sudanese will be able to rid themselves of their bloodthirsty dictator or maybe the Syrians will over through their ruler of the Morrocans and Jordanians their kings. These revolutions have set a fire in the middle east that will spread and destroy the structures of dictatorship and will inshallah (God willing) bring peace, freedom and democracy. All we can do pray for new middle east with accountable leaders, civil freedoms and peace betweens nations and people. W'salaam ~ Peace


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