Sturuggles with the Software Centre

The first mock-up of the software centre that I did back in December did provoke a lot of critisism for the colours and gradients used as well as a little praise for being slightly more interesting that the current interface. The main complaints were that the interface was too cluttered, the colours clashed and the gradients were too much. Also the sidebar didn't match the Ambiance theme too well.

Then I did a second mock-up in January using Balsamiq mock-up software and in this mock-up I tried to address some of the issues raised in feedback I received from the first mock-up. This time the interface was simpler yet still modern. The various categories are appropriately displayed and easy to navigate. The sidebar also shows PPA's which the first mock-up didn't include. 

Yesterday I finished the mock-up for what I hope the final product could look like. The interface is a good balance between form and functionality. The sidebar now matches better with the Ambiance theme, there are much fewer colours than in the original mock-up. I think this mock-up is more of a tidy up of the current interface, its now centring on the content i.e the applications rather than the categories which are now shifted to the right. Also the sidebar is much better looking and better organised than in the current software centre. I think this is a much cleaner and easier to use interface than the Mac App store and is a decent upgrade from the current interface. Let me know what you think. Check out my DA page  - W'salaam ~ Peace. 


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