A New Dawn is Visible

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With Gaddafi suffering losses in Libya, victory becoming imminent in Yemen and protests spreading in Syria it seems like a new dawn in the Arab World is visible.The dictators and tyrants are falling one by one and freedom is becoming a possibility for the people of the middle east. 

After decades of oppression and dictatorship the people have found their voice and have stood united against the tyrants whom they've suffered under for so long. The killings in Syria, Yemen and Bahrain and the mad ramblings of Gaddafi in Libya are testament to the fact that these regimes are afraid, they are afraid of their own people, they are afraid of what happened in Egypt and Tunisia. As the censorship, secret police and secret prisons fall away in Tunisia and Egypt the true extent of the oppression these countries suffered under is becoming clear.

One question remains, the fact that the former rulers of Egypt and Tunisia were 100% supported by the west up until the minute their demise was inevitable does seem remarkable. Was the west truly ignorant of the crimes of these regimes, the killings and torture that they were responsible for and the brutal way they responded to civilians demanding rights. 

If the west's position was so different merely months ago being close allies of the former dictators of Egypt and Tunisia then their recent actions in Libya are questionable. Without a doubt their actions saved hundreds of thousands of lives in Benghazi but it is unlikely that this was the sole reason for the intervention. Yes the rhetoric coming from Gaddafi regarding the assault on Benghazi was unsettling but this is a man known for this crazy statements, a man with a loud mouth but without the means to go ahead with his threats. Maybe it is Libya's oil that attracted the west's attention, maybe its a sudden desire to set right the wrongs they have committed for it was the west that armed Gaddafi or maybe there are other reasons they aren't telling us about but for sure it is only in their own national interests that they are acting because they are unlikely to act in Bahrain, Yemen or Syria where their intervention could save countless lives too.


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