Victory close in Yemen

Protestors in Yemen
After almost 3 months of national protests in Yemen, the ruling party of president Abdullah Saleh have accepted a GCC (Gulf Corporation Council) initiative offering him immunity from prosecution in return for him stepping down in 30 days time and handing power to his vice-president.

Though this is welcome news victory still has not been achieved, it is only when a caretaker government is in place and free and fair elections are held that victory can be claimed. There is still a chance that more blood may be spilt before freedom can be won as we can see from whats happening in Egypt, though Mubarak and the NDP are no more the Army still seem to be ruling in the same ruthless manner. Reports of people being tortured, arrested and imprisoned for criticising the Army are being reported regularly ever since the revolution succeeded. This is in part because of the fact the old laws of the Mubarak era are still being enforced by the Army and these actions are still seen as legitimate. The army has vowed to investigate these cases and release people who have been detained, it is not until elections are held and a legitimate government formed that real change can be seen. 

All that we can hope for now is that things don't begin to stagnate and nothing really changes, this has happened before. It is worthwhile to remember that these dictators that are being pulled down today came to power via somewhat popular revolutions in the 60s and 70s. Mubarak came to power as a result of the revolution that bought Gamal Abdel Nasser into power by overthrowing Egyptian King Farouk. Muammar Gaddafi came into power overthrowing Libyan King Idris. Yemen's Abdullah Saleh came into power (many years later) as a result of the revolution overthrowing the King of North Yemen Muhammad al Badr. It is the hope of millions that these revolutions are different and will bring prosperity and freedom to the middle east. 

May God help us all through this - 'After hardship comes ease' - Quran


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