Brian Haw - dedication till death

"We're there because our country is committing infanticide, genocide, the looting of nations. I'm determined to be there until they kill me. How much longer will that be?" 
                                                                                                                  Brain Haw (1949 - 2011)

One June 18, the peace activist Brian Haw died after a long battle with cancer. He had lived in a camp outside Parliament Square since 2001 protesting against UK and US foreign policy. UK authorities have attempted to remove him from Parliament square many times over the past decade over non-issues.

Brian Haw was a man of dedication and high morals, he couldn't remain quiet and do nothing while injustice was being done in his and indeed all of our names by our government. For ten long years he remained outside Parliament Square living in a tent and using his speakerphone to protest outside Parliament. 

On occasions he was beaten and arrested by the police and many UK authorities have attempted to forcibly remove him from Parliament Square citing weak excuses such as 'obstruction' and him being a 'nuisance'. Theres little doubt in my mind that the reason they wanted to remove him was because he was embarrassing the British government in front of the millions of the tourists that visit London and Parliament Square every year. 

This was a man who couldn't stand to see oppression being done regardless of the perpetrator and the victim, he sacrificed so much from his own life to stand against such injustice. We all have something to learn from his example, if only there were more people in the world prepared to make such sacrifices for the sake of truth and justice. RIP Brian Haw.


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