Democracy and Islam

The end of secular nationalism is close in the Arab/Muslim world. With the fall of the Baath party in Iraq and its imminent end in Syria as well as the end of Mubarak and others it can clearly be seen that secular nationalism hasn't worked very well and has required a huge amount of bloodshed to maintain. The people of the Arab world clearly want democracy, but we shouldn't confuse democracy with capitalism or western style secular governments. The people of the Arab world don't want democracy without Islam but many don't want an Iranian style theocracy with a joke democracy (the man with the power isn't elected by the people) where elected leaders are nothing more than the 'public face' of the regime. 

Instead democracy and Islam need to be combined in another way, not Iranian or Taliban style regimes which by all accounts are just as brutal as the secular Arab nationalists nor the secular western style democracies where the richest candidates, those with the greatest corporate backing usually win. A government which is elected by the people and represents the people but also is respectful of Islamic laws and traditions. This is what it seems, at least from my perspective what the people of the Arab world want, this will lead to stability and prosperity. A prosperous Arab/Muslim world means a chance for Islam to prosper too. May God guide us, forgive us and help us all - Ameen.
                                                                                                            W'salaam ~ Peace


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