The Child Martyrs ~ Poem

In memory of Hamza al Katib and all of the other martyrs that have made it to their Lord. May God grant those who remain victory as He has granted the martyrs the final victory. W'salaam ~ Peace

The Child Martyrs

Nationalistic cries, racist lies
a revolution is nigh as the martyr dies

Kings of old, dictators anew
we are many, you are few

The Arab spring is coming
murderers, despots why aren't you running?

Your crimes are done
you time has come

The Arabs have awoken
the people have spoken

As is said, a just word to a tyrant
the greatest Jihad, most aspirant

You shoot but cannot kill
for the martyrs forever live

Hamza al Katib beaten, accused
a young body broken, abused

Liars paraded on television
its all bullshit repetition

The young die, the old survive
the innocent suffer, the guilty thrive

Decsendents of farmers, children of the revolution
murder in the streets, the final solution

Statues of thieves crowd the cities
police and protesters, mass calamities

The selfish, the cowardly fill the palace
zombie police, mindless soldiers fill with malice

Door to door, house to house the bloodshed travels
day to day, the brutal conspiracy unravels

The resistance grows, the regimes are falling
the chains are broken, the despots crawling

May God bless those who gave their lives
surely He rewards any who strives

The fight for peace is beginning
down with the dictators, the sinning.



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