Bloodshed and the Ballot Box

The aftermath of the latest terror attack in Iraq

Tuesday's multiple bombings and a dramatic siege of a Christian church on Sunday—claimed by al Qaeda-aligned militants—claimed well over 100 lives.
Al Qaeda's front group in Iraq threatened more attacks, saying in a statement released late Tuesday that Christians everywhere are "legitimate targets." The group, the Islamic State of Iraq, claimed responsibility for Sunday's siege.
While this blood shed occurred in Iraq americans marched to the Ballot Box in midterm elections. The election results have been bad new for President Obama and his Democrats party have suffered heavy losses though not as many as was initially feared. 
Midterm Elections in the US on Nov 2nd
As the American government is attempting to distance itself from the Iraq war the terror and murder continues. It seems these so called 'Mujahideen' will stop at nothing to topple the Iraqi government and seize control of a crumbling nation. Another authoritarian regime in the muslim world is in no ones interest especially the Iraqi people. 
Now after 5 years of defiance ex-president Bush is having regrets about the war, saying the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq gave him a “sickening” feeling that persists. Well after the death of 100,000s of people including 1000s of his own countrymen he should definitely be feeling sick. 
Iraq is a desperate situation with analysts predicting these latest attack could restart a civil war between factions, this plus the political turmoil after recent elections is enough to make people both angry and anxious about the future. All that can be done about Iraq is to hope and pray for a better future and more accountable leaders to rule nations.


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