Cheap Blood

The recent attacks on mosques in Pakistan, the killing of shia MUSLIMS and the attack on a Christian neighborhood in Iraq shows again that these self appointed 'mujahideen' are enemies of peace and of all those who strive for peace. The killing of fellow Muslims especially in a mosque cannot under any circumstances be justified,
these people may attempt to justify their killings of non muslims even though the majority of Muslims reject such justifications there is no excuse at all for this. It now seems that Muslims in pakistan are not safe from these 'Mujahideen' even in the house of God (the mosque). If anything is causing harm to Islam then its not non-muslim armies, its not the Americans, or the Israelis but its these supposedly religious people that are harming Islam the most, Muslims feel they have to abandon their faith because they don't want to be associated with these people, and the masses of non-muslims who previously may have not had any negative feelings towards the religion now develop a hatred towards it because of the actions of a small, uneducated, uncivilzed minority. I think it seems we are in a sense being attacked from within by those who claim to know better and be more pious, whereas they are criminals who use the religion as garment to cover their evils with. May Allah provide us with better, forgive us and guide us all.


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