Unity on the desktop

Unity will be on the Ubuntu desktop and it will come by default with a Global Menu, these are some of my ideas for Unity and hopefully some of the ideas will in one form or another get into the Unity interface.

 Unity Desktop Improvements -

Unity is an easy to navigate and attractive interface already but these are some of the changes that I think should be made to improve it further for the next release.

Adding a transparent panel background would make the whole desktop look more slick and beautiful and would fit into the design of the 'Dash' application launcher and file manger that Unity currently has.

Removing the background from the Unity launcher would hugely improve its look. Making the launcher feel like its part of the desktop instead of an overgrown vertical gnome panel. Instead a dark gradient on the left of the desktop will look much better and as the launcher icons are large they should be just as easy to use. The gradient could look something like the gradient on the Windows Vista sidebar when the mouse is over it.

The unity global menu can also be improved, at the moment in 10.10 clicking on the application name doesn't do anything and on the global menu gnome applet it shows a windows list, not terribly useful. I think that this can be improved upon. In the mock-up I've done the applications name in the menu bar shows when the application was first launched, how long its been running for, the amount of CPU and memory its using and allows you to end the process killing the application immediately. The menu also allows you to rate the application in the Ubuntu Software Centre (a feature that
should be coming soon), to report a bug in the application (maybe through launchpad) and to uninstall an application without having to open the software centre. Juts an idea I've had let me know what you think of it. To look at it in more detail checkout the Deviant
Art page -


edi said...

i saw your ideas about unity.
great ideas. the mock ups look fantastic. that's the way unity should look.
i hope u have found the way to let know these ideas to the unity development team.
they should be implemented.
congratulation for your work

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